Serra da Mantiqueira Sauna

Residence at Farm

Residence in the interior of the State of SP. Lots of wood, stone, large balcony, and deck. Generous and cozy internal spaces. This house is very environmentally friendly, with solar heating, it generates its own photovoltaic (solar) energy, gray and black water treatment. […]

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Luis and Edith Residence

Located on very steep terrain, with lush vegetation, jackfruit, bamboo, Bacuparis. It was quite difficult to place the house on the land without harming these existing vegetation. The house, all made of wood, is very light and is disguised amid the dense beauty of this vegetation. […]

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Cambury Residence

A very light house, physically, all made of wood, perched on a steep slope of the Atlantic Forest. With a beautiful view of the sea, it is completely mimicked, with wood painted in a leaf green color. This mimicry was a great learning experience with all the inhabitants of this forest, like cotias, teiús, possums, […]

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Alan Residence

Large residence, for large gatherings of friends and family. Provides ample space on the balcony and deck, where throughout the day the table is always ready, whether for breakfast, lunch, barbecue, pizza … The internal social area, cozy with its fireplace and integrated kitchen, is separated from the intimate area by wooden and glass passageways. […]

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