Point Sofa

Jaraguá Sofa

Elegant and with a strong presence, the Jaraguá Sofa can be presented on two, three, and four-seater sofa. It can also be an armchair. Always following our long tradition of executing our designs with reclaimed wood. […]

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Voador Couch

Unique piece made of reclaimed Peroba Rosa and upholstered in leather. Designed for exhibition at Galeria Espasso in NY, “Used and Reused Wood – Furniture by Carlos Motta”, 2010. […]

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Mario de Andrade Sofa

Once again prioritizing comfort, without forgetting a simple and interesting aesthetic. The reused wood continues to give me great pleasure to work it. This sofa was designed to commemorate the exhibition of 40 years of my work, but in the middle of the course, appeared the Mario de Andrade Library, and I gladly delivered some […]

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PPD Sofa

Much of the work that I have been developing has wood as the protagonist, showing all its beauty, texture and structural quality. In the case of the PPD Sofa I wanted to prioritize the upholstery, that is, wherever you touch, sit or play, you will be in direct contact with the upholstery. Wood exists as […]

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Mantiqueira Sofa

Designed in 2005 for a residence in Serra da Mantiqueira, to be used by the fireplace.  Its seat is lower than the standard.  Its wooden structure makes the classic fittings of the constructive technique with solid wood apparent.  It is easily removable. […]

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Timbó Sofa

First collection designed to be produced by Butzke, our major partners certified by the FSC seal. There are tables, chairs, lounge chairs, chaise longue, benches, which can be used indoors or outdoors. […]

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Maresias Sofa

To name this line of furniture, once again I honor a beautiful beach on the north coast of São Paulo, good for surfing; Maresias. What characterizes this line is the visual and physical lightness, provided by a very thin structure made of Cumaru wood, chosen for being long-lived in outdoor uses and for having FSC […]

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Alvorada Sofa (couch)

Made with FSC certified Cumaru wood, this line has as its bigger features the ergonomics and great durability. It was made to bring comfort to outdoor decks, gardens, and balconies areas. The wood does not receive any type of finishing with chemical and industrial varnishes; the wood is presented natural, raw, allowing it to breathe, […]

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