Cambury Chaise Longue

Maresias Chaise Longue

To name this line of furniture, once again I honor a beautiful beach on the north coast of São Paulo, good for surfing; Maresias. What characterizes this line is the visual and physical lightness, provided by a very thin structure made of Cumaru wood, chosen for being long-lived in outdoor uses and for having FSC […]

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Asturias Chaise Longue

Contemporary, the Asturias and Parati Lines were born together and with the same DNA. They were designed to be produced with reclaimed/demolition wood; most of the time, with Peroba Rosa. Traditionally sawed for more than a century in the same measures, this wood is found in Brazilian civil construction in beams with 5×6 cm, 6×16 […]

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Alvorada Chaise Longue

Made with FSC certified Cumaru wood, this line has as its bigger features the ergonomics and great durability. It was made to bring comfort to outdoor decks, gardens, and balconies areas. The wood does not receive any type of finishing with chemical and industrial varnishes; the wood is presented natural, raw, allowing it to breathe, […]

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