Harmonia Special Benches

Saquarema Ottoman

A collection with excelente ergonomics and sophisticated constructive tecniques, both in woodworking and upholstery. Previously porduced by us, at our workshop, and now executed with high quality by Etel Carmona joinery, with certified wood. […]

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Timbó Bench

First collection designed to be produced by Butzke, our major partners certified by the FSC seal. There are tables, chairs, lounge chairs, chaise longue, benches, which can be used indoors or outdoors. […]

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Maresias Stool (high and low)

To name this line of furniture, once again I honor a beautiful beach on the north coast of São Paulo, good for surfing; Maresias. What characterizes this line is the visual and physical lightness, provided by a very thin structure made of Cumaru wood, chosen for being long-lived in outdoor uses and for having FSC […]

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Mandacaru Bench

Unique piece, specially designed for the exhibition “Furniture of Reused Wood”, which first took place at the Museu da Casa Brasileira (SP) in 2010, together with the launch of the book “Carlos Motta ea Vida” (ed. Bei). Then that exhibition went to Galeria Espasso in NY, and soon after to Galeria Espasso in LA. […]

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Table Bench Parati

For these items, we associate the concepts of the Parati Line with the occasional use of some metallic components. To the beauty of aged wood, we add oxidized iron. These two materials solve the structural part well and are aligned in aesthetics. […]

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Butantã Special Bench

Designed in 2009, the Butantã Bench is a unique piece, executed inside the Atelier Carlos Motta. The seat was made of a reclaimed Peroba Rosa wood, from an old bridge in the state of Santa Catarina. The backrest, also made of reclaimed Peroba Rosa wood; this time from the demolition of a bridge, in the […]

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Trindade Bench

The Banco Trindade was designed and executed according to the use of a beautiful Cabreúva board that was kept in our Atelier for over 35 years, coming from a farm in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. There are three large disks turned by hand, crossed by a wooden arrow Sucupira. Completely handmade, its […]

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