Saquarema Ottoman

Flexa Ottoman

This is the early piece, the last designed for the Flexa Line, in reality, meeting the request of several friends and customers. Its function is only to be in front of the Flexa Long Chair, for resting the feet, promoting complete relaxation to the user. We kept the concept of constructive simplicity and the same […]

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Parati Ottoman

A very comfortable armchair, specified by architects and designers for its use in relaxing spots, such as balconies, decks, residential and institutional living areas. The armchair can be used with a footrest – the ottoman, completing the extreme comfort. […]

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Asturias Ottoman

Contemporary, the Asturias and Parati Lines were born together and with the same DNA. They were designed to be produced with reclaimed/demolition wood; most of the time, with Peroba Rosa. Traditionally sawed for more than a century in the same measures, this wood is found in Brazilian civil construction in beams with 5×6 cm, 6×16 […]

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