Luis and Edith Residence

Botta Gallo Botega

Another renovation in a São Paulo townhouse, to transform it into a restaurant. We really like the result, as it offers a delicious, spacious, and cozy environment. Furniture and lamps designed and produced by us. […]

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Residence with simple, Brazilian architecture, almost vernacular. Leased in Mantiqueira’s buttress. Local woods, stones, and skilled native labor. Implementation respecting the existing topography and consolidated for millennia.   […]

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Taguaiba Residence

It’s a great responsibility top lace and builds a house by the sea, in the middle of the gorgeous and preserved Atlantic Forest, at Taguaiba beach, São Paulo coast. Thus, the greatest concern was not to shed any tree and occupy the land that lies free and available for the new building. For this space, […]

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Quintal da Braz Pizzeria

Deployed on almost flat terrain in the Vila Mariana neighborhood, the detail that caught the most attention on the first visit was the great vegetation in the back area. From then on there was the idea of ​​making a pizzeria with a residential coziness, all facing the backyard. The main objective was “to obtain a […]

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CM House SFX

Our house in Mantiqueira, designed and built around 2003. High-quality wood, mostly reused. Local stones surfaced on the ground. Very Brazilian architecture and construction, simple, neat, sophisticated. The construction is placed on the land without disturbing or attacking the original topography of this mountain that has been geologically consolidated for millennia. The intention is to […]

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