Serra da Mantiqueira Sauna

Alan Residence

Large residence, for large gatherings of friends and family. Provides ample space on the balcony and deck, where throughout the day the table is always ready, whether for breakfast, lunch, barbecue, pizza … The internal social area, cozy with its fireplace and integrated kitchen, is separated from the intimate area by wooden and glass passageways. […]

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Residence with simple, Brazilian architecture, almost vernacular. Leased in Mantiqueira’s buttress. Local woods, stones, and skilled native labor. Implementation respecting the existing topography and consolidated for millennia.   […]

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Jack P.

This home is located at the Serra da Mantiqueira, in a beautiful valley cut by a small river that gives its name to the region – Rio Manso District. The terrain is very beautiful and rugged since it belongs to a region of hills; has a large part formed by pastures for cattle, and a […]

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