Botta Gallo Botega

Taberna 474 Restaurant

Renovation in a typical São Paulo townhouse, transforming it into a cozy restaurant that occupies two different spaces. These reforms are full of surprises, mainly structural, that end up inducing a series of improvisations, generating an interesting result. Furniture, benches, lamps designed and executed by us. […]

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Quintal da Braz Pizzeria

Deployed on almost flat terrain in the Vila Mariana neighborhood, the detail that caught the most attention on the first visit was the great vegetation in the back area. From then on there was the idea of ​​making a pizzeria with a residential coziness, all facing the backyard. The main objective was “to obtain a […]

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SP Apartment

My dear friends from Malibu, CA, moved to the crazy Sao Paulo city. They were leaving in a comfortable home, by the sea. A real Californian house, with lots of wood and a practical and efficient organization. They bought a huge apartment, already under work finalization. My mission as an architect was to finish this […]

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