Pião (spinning) Desk

Sabre Armchair

Designed in 1993 for the 3rd International Studio of Image Technology -UNESP.  All built in solid wood, using traditional woodworking techniques. One of the most sophisticated pieces to execute. It was first made in a different wood, such as Amendoim, with leather upholstery. Today it is only executed in FSC certified woods such as Sucupira, […]

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Aurora Armchair

Designed in 1997, the Aurora Armchair, in addition to its very correct ergonomics, carries a lot of our knowledge in woodworking techniques. Solid wood with all its beauty, associated with the impeccable work of the upholstery. […]

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Layla Chair

Designed in 1988 for my wife Sibylla to breastfeed our daughter Layla. Comfort, beauty, and constructive quality characterize this piece. Today produced with FSC certified wood. […]

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Iporanga Chair

Designed in 2002. It features an upholstered seat, and a portion of backrest lumbar as well, which offers great comfort fo the user. Its name is a tribute to Iporanga Beach, at São Paulo coast. It Tupi language, “i” means river, and “poranga” means beautiful. Nowadays produced with FSC certified woods. […]

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Luna Chair

In 1990 we had the great pleasure of receiving the plants of the presidential palace (Palácio do Planalto – Brasilia – DF), sent by the office of the great and genius Oscar Niemeyer. The request was to design the furniture for the Game Room of the Palace. This chair is one of those items we […]

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