Guaratuba Low Table

Pindá Lounge Chair

The Pindá Armchair was designed at a time of introspection and total relaxation over a period of a trip, where observing, surfing, and disconnecting from everyday life were the main aims. We continue with our ever-present concept of reuse in the choice of raw material. Now we chose the beautiful Perobinha do Campo wood. The […]

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Tim Armchair

After a series of physically heavy pieces, mostly by the fact they are executed ​​with rediscovered (demolition) Peroba Rosa wood, here is the Tim Armchair, made ​​of very slender components, with a gorgeous reused wood, Perobinha do Campo. In this piece, I retrieved some techniques that accompanied me at the beginning of my work in […]

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Bigua Armchair

The Biguá Armchair is executed in three different versions: 2 handmade versions – one from Perobinha do Campo, lighter and more delicate, another from Peroba Rosa, dark and slightly more rustic. Industrial version, produced by our partner Butzke, 1st company in Brazil specializing in wooden furniture certified by FSC – here in Cumaru, suitable for […]

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