Point Sofa

Jaraguá Sofa

Elegant and with a strong presence, the Jaraguá Sofa can be presented on two, three, and four-seater sofa. It can also be an armchair. Always following our long tradition of executing our designs with reclaimed wood. […]

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Bola Sideboard

Unique piece, made with reclaimed Peroba Rosa and oxidized iron. Designed for the exhibition at Galeria Espasso in NY, “Used and Reused Wood – Furniture by Carlos Motta”, 2010. […]

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Guará Armchair

Once again, designing a lounge chair, I feel coherence, beginning from good postures, comfort, and ergonomics. All the seats I’ve been designing along these 40 years, you find a conductive line, creating a family of pieces with a strong defined DNA. The same concept is found at the using reclaimed material, as the beautiful Peroba […]

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Timga Lounge Chair

A lounge chair of simple lines, made of rediscovered Peroba Rosa beams, iron components, laminated molded wood seat rest, and upholstered with leather created especially for this piece. These wood components received very little interventions at the shop, keeping the characteristics of the reclaimed original material. This lounge chair is an exercise of design and […]

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Java Lounge Chair

A metal tube frame, assembled through basic welds, in a rustic way, however very technical. This structure supports a pair of identical pieces, one for the backrest and another for the seat, both made ​​in molded laminate. The upholstery is fixed to the seat and the backrest through small brass pins. The aesthetic is interesting […]

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