Point Sofa

Sumaré Low Table

Specially designed for the exhibition “Used and reused Wood: Furniture by Carlos Motta”, first at the Museu da Casa Brasileira in 2010, along with the launching of the book “Carlos Motta: Life as I see it” then at Espasso Gallery in New York, and soon after at Espasso Gallery in Los Angeles. One of a […]

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Guará Armchair

Once again, designing a lounge chair, I feel coherence, beginning from good postures, comfort, and ergonomics. All the seats I’ve been designing along these 40 years, you find a conductive line, creating a family of pieces with a strong defined DNA. The same concept is found at the using reclaimed material, as the beautiful Peroba […]

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Timga Lounge Chair

A lounge chair of simple lines, made of rediscovered Peroba Rosa beams, iron components, laminated molded wood seat rest, and upholstered with leather created especially for this piece. These wood components received very little interventions at the shop, keeping the characteristics of the reclaimed original material. This lounge chair is an exercise of design and […]

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Taguaiba Armchair

Designed in 2008, it receives this name to honor one of the most beautiful beaches of the Litoral Paulista. It is an armchair of extreme comfort, with clean design, mixing construction techniques of molded laminate, solid wood, and assembly with castings in bronze. The idea is to provide extreme comfort and rest to the user. […]

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Mario de Andrade Sofa

Once again prioritizing comfort, without forgetting a simple and interesting aesthetic. The reused wood continues to give me great pleasure to work it. This sofa was designed to commemorate the exhibition of 40 years of my work, but in the middle of the course, appeared the Mario de Andrade Library, and I gladly delivered some […]

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PPD Sofa

Much of the work that I have been developing has wood as the protagonist, showing all its beauty, texture and structural quality. In the case of the PPD Sofa I wanted to prioritize the upholstery, that is, wherever you touch, sit or play, you will be in direct contact with the upholstery. Wood exists as […]

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Mantiqueira Sofa

Designed in 2005 for a residence in Serra da Mantiqueira, to be used by the fireplace.  Its seat is lower than the standard.  Its wooden structure makes the classic fittings of the constructive technique with solid wood apparent.  It is easily removable. […]

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Sergio rotating Armchair

Chairs and armchairs are difficult pieces to design and to build. The Sergio Rotating Armchair has its greatest difficulty at the rotating metal structure, by being completely handmade, taking no advantage in the ease of an industrial component. I was in my Atelier, in the developing process of this armchair, when I got the emotional […]

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