Taguaiba Armchair

Flexa Ottoman

This is the early piece, the last designed for the Flexa Line, in reality, meeting the request of several friends and customers. Its function is only to be in front of the Flexa Long Chair, for resting the feet, promoting complete relaxation to the user. We kept the concept of constructive simplicity and the same […]

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Flexa Long Chair

The Long Flexa Chair, even much more inclined, promotes more relaxation, unlike the Medium Chair. The head weighs, and for an ergometric solution, we increase the backrest so that the head can lean back and relax. For promoting this great relaxation it is indicated for readings, introspection, insight, rest. Often associated with the use of […]

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Flexa Medium Chair

Following the concept of the whole line, the Medium Chair features ergonomics that when sitting, the person can relax the body and the head is balanced on the spine, allowing its mobility and facilitating conversations and social relationships. […]

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Flexa H45 Chair

H45 is ergonomically the correct height for a seat to be in relation to a work or dining tabletop, which is the 75h. This chair, responsible for the entire line, has for long been our best seller. People who have it realize that its slightly more inclined back provides comfort allowing more time at the […]

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