Muriqui Special Table

Carcara Lamp

The special luminaires we produce here at Atelier are laborious pieces involving different materials and different construction techniques. The Carcará Lamp is formed by a spherical base made from reclaimed Conduru wood, from a farm in the interior of Goiás – GO, Brazil. The claws of oxidized iron were cut out of sheet metal pulled […]

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Conduru Low Table

The wooden pieces that create this low table are posts from an old fence (over 80 years old), coming from a farm in Goiás. These pieces, exposed to the open weather, have maintained all their quality and healthiness through the ages. For this reason, we only work on one side of these posts, showing all […]

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Touch Me Not Special Table

Designed for the exhibition Design and Nature (IBAMA – Brazil). It received its name for being made with wood from the Amazon that should not be used if not certified. Each wood was sharply turned, resulting in an aggressive piece, and suggesting that we should not tamper with these woods if they are not certified […]

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