Jaraguá Low Table

PortManteau Mandacaru 2

There are 2 editions of PortManteu Mandacaru: Portmanteau Mandacaru I designed and executed in 2007 for the exhibition “Carlos Motta” at Mandalian Gallery Paillard, in Paris. The Portmanteau Mandacaru 2, with different lines from Mandacaru I, was designed and executed in 2009 for the exhibition “Used and Reused Wood – Furniture by Carlos Motta” at […]

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Ferrão Special Table

Peroba Rosa and Aroeira, two kinds of wood for which I have a great passion. Peroba used in civil construction, mainly in the framework of roofs of Brazilian houses, since colonial times. Aroeira, probably the Brazilian wood with greater durability, does not suffer in contact with the soil, always maintaining its health and beauty. It […]

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Touch Me Not Special Table

Designed for the exhibition Design and Nature (IBAMA – Brazil). It received its name for being made with wood from the Amazon that should not be used if not certified. Each wood was sharply turned, resulting in an aggressive piece, and suggesting that we should not tamper with these woods if they are not certified […]

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