Muriqui Special Table

Cuica low Chair

Special piece with a limited production (sold out), designed for an exhibition at the MandalianPaillard Gallery in Paris – 2007. Seat in turned pink Cedar, back and feet in Amendoim, with shellac finishing. […]

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Sabre Armchair

Designed in 1993 for the 3rd International Studio of Image Technology -UNESP.  All built in solid wood, using traditional woodworking techniques. One of the most sophisticated pieces to execute. It was first made in a different wood, such as Amendoim, with leather upholstery. Today it is only executed in FSC certified woods such as Sucupira, […]

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Nave Luminaire

The Nave Luminaire is a complex piece. It starts with the definition itself, lamp, or side table? Turning this large wooden sphere was a challenge. The same happened with metallic components, as they went through many different operations. Laser cutting, calendering, special welding, lathe, drilling, sanding, oxidation, finishes, and finally the electrical part. The dome […]

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