Cuica low Chair

PortManteau Mandacaru 2

There are 2 editions of PortManteu Mandacaru: Portmanteau Mandacaru I designed and executed in 2007 for the exhibition “Carlos Motta” at Mandalian Gallery Paillard, in Paris. The Portmanteau Mandacaru 2, with different lines from Mandacaru I, was designed and executed in 2009 for the exhibition “Used and Reused Wood – Furniture by Carlos Motta” at […]

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Santa Cruz Chair

Designed in 1979. Made of solid wood, with braided Indian straw seat. It received its name in honor of  Santa Cruz, in California, a city where I studied design and construction techniques in wood and iron. […]

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Madalena Chair

Created in 1994, it can be made of different woods. Solid structure, with molded laminate backrest. Its simple and stripped style makes it an easy-to-use piece next to the table in different styles. […]

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